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Golden skull secret locations

The Crossing – as you jump on board the ship from the bridge, turn left and run downstairs. Turn right to go back down the ship, and there is a red shipping container to your right. Jump onto it to find the first skull inside the briefcase.

Book Worms – inside the Haven Apartments building, head down the stairs outside to access the basement. Then, head upstairs to the ground floor and look underneath the desk in the room to the left.

Special Delivery – go through the level until you reach the lumber yard, just before the safe house. Then, climb on top of the dumpster outside the lumber yard and jump across the pallets until you reach the golden skull.

Hell’s Bells – in the foggy woods, you’ll find a large mound between the trailer with turtle plushes and the small wooden shack. Climb to the top of this mound to find the skull.

A Call to Arms – go past Robb’s Mill to find a house with a chicken coop. The skull is inside the chicken coop.

Hinterland – look behind the waterfall just before the big bridge. You’ll need to wade through the water to find it.

Grave Danger – head along the right-hand path as you approach the church. Turn right and head to the far end of the graveyard to find an open crypt. Inside the doorway of this crypt are a turtle plush and a golden skull.

Garden Party – as you exit the maze towards the safe house, instead of going upstairs, go through the next opening. Follow this path, and you’ll find the skull inside a font.

Making the Grade – inside the school gymnasium, climb the bleachers and go through the window. Turn right and follow the path until you see the stairs. Instead of climbing them, turn right, then turn right again to find a blue and yellow tent. The skull is inside the tent.

The Abomination – when the mission asks you to destroy the body’s weak spots, you’ll find a very narrow veiny bridge right off the main path. Walk a little bit across, then carefully climb up the first vein to your right until you reach the top. The final skull is wedged into the skin wall.

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